My research primarily examines crossmodal correspondences between sound and flavour, with on a focus on how auditory stimuli can modify and enhance the way we perceive food and drink.




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October 2016: Oral session at EuroSense 2016 “The sound of spice”: Enhancing the evaluation of piquancy by means of a customised crossmodally congruent soundtrack.

July 2016: Keynote talk at Sensory Evaluation of Food workshop at Fraunhofer IVV:  “Multisensory Influences on Food Flavour and Liking”.

April 2016: Conference poster presentation “The role of pitch and tempo in sound- temperature crossmodal correspondences” at UKSA's Synaesthesia and Cross-Modal Perception Conference.

April 2016: Presenter at Rethinking the Senses Flavour Workshop, Oxford, UK.

March 2016: Speaker at Vanderbilt University Music, Mind & Society group seminar, Nashville, USA.

 November 2015: Speaker at Spier Secret Festival, Stellenbosch.

August 2015: Speaker at Oxford Wine Festival, presenting master class titled Psychology of Wine.

May 2015: Speaker at Digital Shoreditch on Technology and the Future of Eating, London, UK.

March 2013: Panelist at SXSW on Designing Immersive Experiences, Austin, USA.